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CareShield offers a range of products and services, either through a managed service, where we do all the work for you or through Myrus, our innovative, cloud-based workforce development platform to support the career development of your staff.


Blended learning forms a core part of developing staff. Blended learning simply means combining two or more methods of learning to create a truly robust and thorough learning solution.

Once we have assessed your learning needs, we will work with you to design a blended learning programme that meets your objectives. A blended learning approach could include a combination of webinars, classrooms, conferences, coaching, online learning, assessment, including qualifications and accreditation. The great news is you get to choose.

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Here are some of the features that our blended learning package will give you:


  • A thorough needs assessment and bespoke programme design; you will have access to our team of experts who will design and develop a blended learning program, specifically to achieve your learning objectives.

  • The most advance workforce development solution on the planet, Myrus (click here).  This includes the capability to systematically track and manage your entire blended programme.

  • The design and development of bespoke online learning modules.

  • The design and development of additional resources including video, podcasts, PDFs, webinars and classroom sessions.

  • The CareShield library of online learning essential modules (covering mandatory training, compliance and competence).

  • Expert collaboration with our international face-to-face training partners. 

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