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About us

We provide blended learning and competence management services. We deliver to Internationally recognised frameworks and provide multi-disciplinary career pathways through our workforce development platform, Myrus.

Health and Social Care

CareShield is the leading provider of blended learning and compliance products for the Health and Social Care sector.

We offer a wide range of online and classroom training courses suitable from induction, right through to supervisory and management levels

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Bespoke solutions

Our highly experienced in-house team have created bespoke solutions for our clients including:

  • Bespoke online eLearning courses

  • Bespoke online system developments

  • Bespoke Face to Face training programmes


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CareShield provides our products to clients across the globe.
We have experience of providing translated and localised products to suit the local requirements.
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Energy, Manufacturing & Construction

CareShield works with some of the leading Energy, Manufacturing and Construction companies to provide competence assurance, apprenticeship and qualification delivery solutions.
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Who We Are

We are Thought Leaders: We consult and work closely with industry leading forums, such as Skills for Care, Skills for Health and the CQC for our Health and Social Care Products


We are Technology Innovators: We have streamlined the learning process by enabling clients to manage both online and classroom training programs within one easy-to-use system. 

We are Versatile:  Our library of pre-designed and bespoke programs enables us to cater for a diverse range of organisational learning objectives. Our easy-to-use online portal enables managers to effortlessly track course completions, generate management information reports and successfully stay on top of staff training with minimal administration. 

We are Current: We help our clients stay up-to-date with the ever changing regulatory standards and stipulations, ensuring both compliance and competence. We achieve this through carefully aligning our course content to the National Occupational Standards and policy regulations.

We Care: We listen to our clients' needs and respond by providing training solutions that directly address the real life issues faced by the Healthcare, Social Care and Educational sectors today. We are passionate about turning theory into practice.

What We Do

We invest in people and improve organisational performance.   

We have been delivering cutting edge online training and blended learning solutions to a diverse set of businesses and public service organisations for over a decade. Our workforce development solutions vary in content, delivery and format, but every solution shares the same goal of creating extraordinary lives through improving organisational performance. 

We've taken out all of the unnecessary complications associated with previous modes of online training and we have harnessed the power of technology and design to make the learning experience a much more enjoyable and engaging process. This is enabling our clients and partners to streamline their processes and reap the rewards of successful learning with speed and ease. Our quality assurance, proven track record and collaborative partnering have resulted in the successful training to hundreds of thousands of staff across many sectors.  

So, whether your organisation requires health and safety training, specialised clinical training, personal development or business skills training, we can provide targeted solutions that match your learning needs exactly.

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Why CareShield?

Technology is creating a paradigm shift in the way that learning is achieved in the workforce and we are proud to be pioneering the way ahead.

Research indicates that learners retain just:

  •  10% of what they read

  •  30% of what they see

  •  50% of what they see and hear

  •  and 90% of what they act on (refs 1, 2 & 3).


So, it makes sense that knowledge transfer and memory retention increases with higher levels interactivity (ref 4), which is why our blended approach to learning is gaining so much success.

Our extensive library of online learning and bespoke blended training solutions, facilitate quick, effective and high quality training to large organisations and individual employees. Moreover, we are able to tailor existing training to meet the unique organisational learning needs, whilst simultaneously increasing efficiency of training reporting, monitoring and assessment.

Over the years we have gained the trust of our clients, successfully working with many of the leading Health and Social Care organisations with the UK. 

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