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  • How can I tell if I have met the ASC-WDS requirements and how will ASC-WDS eligibility be monitored?
    For single workplaces: When logged in to the WDF portal (, as a single workplace, you should check eligibility by going to ‘Check your WDF data’ This in-browser function will show you whether you have met eligibility at workplace level and staff record level and will highlight areas where more data is required. Meeting requirements - The overview page will tell you if you have met the requirements for this financial year and the date you met eligibility. Not meeting requirements – The overview page will tell you if you have not yet met requirements – You should click ‘View your WDF data’ to see which areas need to be addressed. If, after meeting eligibility, you make changes to your workplace or staff records do not worry – you can click ‘Keep your WDF data up to date’ to see what needs addressing for next financial year. You will still meet the criteria up to 31 March. For parent/subsidiary accounts: These accounts have the same functionality as single workplaces, but for all the organisation’s workplaces. Click ‘Check your WDF data’ – The overview page will say meeting criteria once all your workplaces have met the requirements. To check each workplace individually you should click ‘View your workplaces’. If an organisation has met eligibility in previous years, they will need to confirm the answers are still correct after 1 April.
  • How are the CareShield eLearning courses endorsed?
    Our courses are Quality Assured by AIM Awards and OFQAL registered Awarding Body (Registration Number: RN5322). This means that we have a proven track record of high standards concerning internal quality assurance, which we have achieved for the process we follow for building our eLearning modules. This means that we can predictably create eLearning modules that are content correct, instructionally sound, interactive and engaging, outcomes based, correctly targeted, delivered on a stable platform and measurable.
  • I cannot type into the boxes on the screen to answer the question. How can I resolve this?
    Please press the ESC key on your keyboard which will take you out of full screen mode, you will then be able to type into the boxes and answer the question.
  • How do I log in to my eLearning account?
    If you are having trouble logging into you eLearning course there are a range of options: 1. Check you have put in the correct URL. You will have been given a web address to access your learning account. This is usually Check that you have typed this correctly in the address bar at the top of your internet browser. 2. You are using an incorrect username - a common mistake is to use a username from another website e.g. a personal login for a shopping site. Check that you have typed this correctly. 3. You are using an incorrect password - Check your password is the one you have been given with no spaces or special characters. If you are still experiencing problems, please contact our support team on 0345 880 1818 or email [email protected]
  • Can I re-enter the course once I have started it or do I have to complete it in one go?
    You can use the index button on the right hand side of the course to continue from the section which you were previously working on. The only section which you should complete in one go is the knowledge test.
  • I’ve completed my eLearning course, but I’m struggling to print my certificate. What should I do?
    Pop-up blockers will prevent your eLearning certificates from opening, so make sure yours is disabled before printing.
  • What are your support opening times?
    Our support line is operated Monday to Thursday — 8:30 to 17:30 GMT Friday - 8.30 to 16.00 GMT
  • I would like to complete some additional training, further to that which my manager has assigned to me. How do I do this?
    Please visit our online shop where you will be able to choose from a variety of courses available to purchase.
  • I cannot see the arrow at the bottom of the screen so I cannot progress through the course. How can I move forward?
    You need to press F11 on your keyboard to enter full screen mode, you will then be able to move to the next screen and progress through the course.
  • What should I do if I can’t move onto the next screen?
    Ensure that the next button in the bottom right hand corner is highlighted in grey. If not, ensure you have completed all interactive aspects of the screen (e.g. clicked on all pictures etc).
  • I am getting a ‘loading error’ message when attempting to access the login page. What should I do to resolve this?
    Please check your Internet connection and then refresh the page. If the problem persists please contact Support.
  • How do CareShield qualify Assessors and Coaches?
    Each coach must have a minimum of 5 years experience in the care industry. Internal Quality Assurance (IQA) Process: IQA to monitor and assess coaches Team Leaders who look after the day to day running of coaches.
  • Once an employer agrees to upskilling their workforce, or putting someone on an apprenticeship, what happens next?
    CareShield's Admissions Team will get in touch with the Learner soon after the Learners detail have been provided to them. The Admissions Team will take the Learner through initial assessments (BKSB’s) and a Skills Scan to identify prior knowledge and understanding. They will also carry out the necessary compliance checks (Rights to Work, Health and Safety etc.). Learners will then be assigned a Coach who will create a tailored training plan. The Coach will book the Learner onto an induction and give them a “Start on programme” date. Typically this process takes 1-2 weeks.
  • Is training delivered in person or remotely?
    Training is delivered both in person and remotely. Levels 2 and 3 are delivered via online training and in person. Levels 4 and 5 are delivered 100% remotely.
  • Are Apprenticeships only for young people (16-24 years old)?
    Not at all. Apprenticeships are not age dependant other than the Learner has to be 16 years or older to start one. The majority or Apprenticeships in Care are undertaken by older Learners, particularly at Levels 4 and 5.
  • How can Line Managers track their employee’s progress on their apprenticeship?
    Learner progress is monitored primarily by the Line Manager and the Coach communicating. However, with the right permissions a Line Manager can view, track and report on their employee's progress through CareShield's Myrus Apprenticeships platform Part of CareShield's Apprenticeship Delivery and Management Service, your Myrus Apprenticeships Platform enables you to easily track, review and report on your learner's progress in real time, ensuring you are always up to date and in control of your investments in personal development across your entire organisation. See in an instant the status of all Apprentices in each group then delve deeper into individual sites and learner progress. For each individual Myrus Apprenticeships gives you access to their status, progress, planned and completed activity along with their eLearning, OTJ hours and ePortfolio. In addition to helping you monitor your Apprenticeships Myrus helps you monitor management and coaching performance and actively encourages and engages with your organisation to support your learner programmes. The Line Manage can also always request progress from the Apprenticeship team and request to attend any of the coaching sessions.
  • Can current employees sign up for an Apprenticeship?
    Yes. To be an apprentice you must have a contract of employment and be paid at least the minimum wage.
  • How much will it cost?
    The funding band for Levels 2 and 3 is £4000 per learner. The funding band for Levels 4 and 5 is £7000 per learner. The UK Government fund 95% of this if your company is a non levy payer. Cost to the non levy employer is 5% which will only ever be £200 for Levels 2 and 3 or £350 for Levels 4 and 5 (invoiced via CareShield finance).
  • What is the course content of an Apprenticeship?
    You can get course content on the IFATE website the following links refer to each of the standards Careshield deliver – Adult Care Worker Level 2 - Lead Adult Care Worker Level 3- Lead Practitioner in Adult care Level 4 - Leader in Adult Care Level 5 -
  • Can I use multiple provider’s?
    Yes, a business can use multiple providers. You will need our UKPRN number to identify from others on your DAS portal. CareShield's UKPRN number is 10045389.
  • What Apprenticeship standards do you offer?
    Adult Care Worker L2 Lead Adult Care Worker L3 Lead Practitioner L4 Leader In Adult Care L5
  • Is there any additional funding available for an employer?
    If a small to medium enterprise (SME) that is not a levy payer, hire a 16-18 year old or a 19-24 year old (on an EHC plan or in care) will receive £1000 as a grant. This grant is paid in 2x £500 parts after month 3 and month 12 have been completed. Local Authorities may run additional incentives so be sure to check.
  • How long will it take to complete?
    The length of an Apprenticeship can be anything from 12 to 21 Months. Check the Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education (IFATE) website for specific course information -
  • What’s in it for me as an employer?
    There are so many benefits to a company investing in developing their workforce: Ensures the development of the relevant skills within your workforce Enable and supports growth Supports recruitment and retention Government funding – saves money Improves Morale Offers Career progression Adds credibility to your brand Recognised across different job markets and specialisms Reinforces Diversity and inclusion CareShield does all of the above and Offers Full Visibility of learner progress via Myrus Workforce Development Platform Offers Level 2 to Level 5 in Care Level 4 and above is a cost effective way to recruit high quality leadership talent Provides an educational framework for developing existing staff Utilises both in person and digital remote delivery for a blended learning experience
  • How often do the coaches visit?
    Coaches will visit every 4 weeks. In person for Levels 2 and 3, and virtually for Levels 4 and 5.
  • Is there an age limit on someone who can do an Apprenticeship?
    There is no upper age limit but Learners must be over 16.
  • What time does the organisation have to dedicate to the learners Apprenticeship?
    It is the Employers responsibility to support the Learner in partnership with the Coach. Employers need to: Nominate a Mentor for the learner Offer guidance and day to day support Take part in regular progress reviews Ensure the Learner has the opportunity to fulfil their off the job training obligation
  • Is there a limit to how many Line Managers can have access?
    No, but we ask that a company identifies a single Line Manager as point of contact. Employers can update the nominated person themselves if it changes.
  • Can the employer interact with the Coach directly through the Myrus Apprenticeships platform?
    The Employer/Line Manager will be asked to comment on the Learner's progress at specific stages, they will also be invited to joint meetings with the Learner and Coaches. However, there is no current method of contacting the Coach through the system other than by using the Coaches contact details listed.
  • Is the Line Manager view real time data?
    Yes, it is. Managers can see where a Learner is at any given time during their apprenticeship based on their progress and their coaches’ input.
  • If a client uses Myrus for their workforce development, can they also see this information on the same system?
    At present Myrus Apprenticeships and Myrus Workforce Development platforms are two separate systems.
  • Who sets up and issues the employer accounts?
    The CareShield Admissions Team will do this during onboarding if the employer does not already have an account.
  • I understand that Learner and Line Manager support will come from Coaches, who do I ask if I have a technical question about the Myrus Apprenticeships platform?
    CareShield’s Customer Experience Team will provide support for any technical issues with Myrus Apprenticeships. Tel: 0345 880 1818 [email protected] All questions relating to progress or learning will be addressed by the assigned Coach and Learning and Development team. [email protected]
  • Can the employer have multiple managers viewing the same learner's progress?
    Yes, as long as the visibility permission levels are set accordingly.
  • How soon after sign up will the employer be issued with access?
    The Learner onboarding process can take 1-2 weeks. Once the Learner is onboard the Employer will be issued with access to Myrus Apprenticeships and the Learners' records.
  • Is there a communication link/tool that can be used to reach the Coach so that the Line Manger can quickly discuss anything they need to know?
    The Coaches contact details will be available to the Learner and the Line Manager and will be shown on the Learners dashboard
  • Can Line Managers use this to upload any comments, references or supporting documents?
    Yes, to all of the above.

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