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Training for Hospitals & the NHS

There is no doubt that online learning is transforming the way that training objectives are achieved within the NHS.  However, the CareShield solution is taking this to the next level.

Our truly blended approach to training and development allows NHS staff to improve their skill set through a combination of online learning, classroom, clinical and face-to-face training. All our NHS courses have been developed in close partnership with the NHS and other Healthcare practitioners to abide by compulsory training standards. 

NHS mandatory training

The CareShield Online Learning modules enable any NHS Trust to create, deploy and distribute organisational learning to staff quickly and efficiently. We provide individuals and organisations with the ability to access training 24/7, 365 days a year, in their own time and at their own pace. The CareShield NHS library of online learning modules and packages has been specifically designed to provide excellent, cost effective training solutions for all NHS staff.

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Introducing the technology that will manage your training...


All the CareShield online learning and blended learning training solutions are channelled through our highly evolved, easy-to-use workforce development solution, Myrus. Myrus enables managers to effortlessly deal with all aspects of training within one accessible system, including tracking course completions, generating management information reports and staying on top of staff training. This means that you can easily provide evidence for course up-takes without having to document everything on an excel spreadsheet.

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