Our Platform - Myrus

Welcome to Myrus - Our Workforce Development Solution

Myrus provides a complete management tool to take care of all your online learning and blended learning needs; including course completion, competency assessment and programme management.


This means that your administration is reduced so that you have more time to focus on the things that really matter.

Myrus is the culmination of our entire experience; cloud hosted, highly customisable and created specifically for the industries who care about human welfare.


We have developed Myrus in-house, which means we know it inside out and can fully support you in getting the best out of it.

Myrus is Sector Specific


  • Customise your training according to your industry and learning objectives. Our modular design allows you to grow your solution organically

  • Promote your company ethos and build internal belief and confidence through on-brand design

  • Automatically align your training to the latest policy regulations and guidelines within your sector

  • Intuitive design 

  • Myrus is SCORM compliant, which means that it meets the recognised technological standards set for online learning software

  • Myrus can be integrated with other HR systems, which means that all learning material can be synchronised with your current HR and training systems

Myrus Provides Workforce Development Solutions

Myrus has the capacity to allocate course access according to job role, which means that individuals will only see the courses that apply to them. This ensures that each learner remains focused on their precise learning objectives.

Myrus provides you with an effective, coherent system which will synchronise all aspects of your training management, including face-to-face training, classroom training and online learning. Myrus facilitates a truly blended learning approach.

Myrus Provides Evidence for Course Compliance

Myrus gives you the ability to automatically allocate staff certificates set to your requirements with minimal administration. This means that your staff can be motivated by receiving appropriate recognition and reward for their achievements, without adding to your existing workload.

Myrus will generate competency management reports on your behalf, enabling you to easily identify whether you are on target or not with your organisational learning objectives.

Myrus follows a RAG (red, amber, green) reporting system, which means that data is displayed in a visually appealing way for immediate access and easy analysis.

Integrated Support

We coach you from the moment you start your training with CareShield. This means that you have unlimited access to our support team, who will help you understand how to get the most out of Myrus; they will help you configure your programmes and personally assist you with any questions that you might have. Moreover, this support also extends to individual managers and learners who may require personal assistance.

We also provide a ‘managed services’ facility, which means we can project-manage your entire training plan, configure and customise your programmes and manage all your reports. With the Myrus integrated support, all your training responsibilities are taken care of.

Automatic Notifications and Alerts

Myrus provides automated notifications, enabling you to effortlessly stay on top of course completions. This will set you free from having to manually process and document this.

The Myrus resource library provides you with access to essential industry documents, whilst also allowing you to upload and create your own repository of policies and procedures. 


Myrus. Everything you need and more.

For more information or a demonstration, please contact our team or complete our request demonstration form.