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Staffing Agencies

Attract more nurses and care workers onto your books through offering great training and development opportunities. Our truly blended approach to training allows nurses and care workers to continue their professional development and improve their skill set through a combination of online learning, clinical and face-to-face training. 

Mandatory Training  

Our extensive library of online learning essential mandatory training modules has been specifically designed to provide excellent, cost-effective occupational training solutions for both nurses and care workers. Our courses can be accessed by learners in their own time and at their own pace. 

Clinical Training for Nurses  

We offer a range of clinical training updates for paramedics, nurses, doctors and other healthcare professionals. 

Face to Face Training

We pride ourselves on designing and delivering exceptional face-to-face training, which is underpinned by a wealth of practical knowledge and evidence-based research. Our trainers are not only experts within their field, but they are also expert communicators. As a result, our material is taught in a way that has an immediate and lasting impact. 

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