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Aims & Values

CareShield's values of Customers, Innovation, Integrity, Respect, Excellence, and Partnership collectively define its ethos and guide its actions. These values underscore the company's dedication to providing tailored, innovative, and ethically sound Apprenticeships while fostering a culture of collaboration and mutual respect within the health and social care sector. 

Care worker and client


First and foremost 

We understand health and social care. For more than 15 years we have supported the health and social care market across the UK and overseas.

We understand the challenges and pitfalls of this market but know that at the heart of everyone working in health and social care is the desire to improve quality of life for those who need support. 


Our customers at the heart of our operations. Signifying a commitment to understanding and meeting the unique needs of clients in the health and social care sector. We aim to provide exceptional customer experiences by tailoring our services to best serve clients' workforce development requirements. 


Respect is integral to our approach to client relationships and internal culture. Recognising the importance of treating clients, partners, and team members with the utmost respect and dignity. Building an inclusive and supportive environment where diverse perspectives are valued. 


Innovation is a driving force at CareShield. Reflecting our dedication to staying at the forefront of digital learning support. Continually seeking innovative solutions and technologies to enhance its services, making us a leader in providing cutting-edge learning and development tools for your Apprentices and Apprenticeship Managers.


Partnership is a fundamental value that represents our commitment to collaboration. This value reflects CareShield's approach to working closely with clients as true partners, understanding their needs, and jointly striving for success. CareShield believes that strong partnerships are essential to achieving shared goals across our Apprenticeship Programmes. 


Integrity is a foundational value that underscores our commitment to ethical conduct in all interactions. This includes maintaining the highest standards of professionalism, confidentiality, and honesty in delivering our Apprenticeship Programmes. Employers and Learners can trust that we operate with integrity at all times. 


Excellence is a benchmark for our services. Highlighting our pursuit of excellence in every aspect of Apprenticeship delivery and learner journey, from delivering effective curriculum delivery to delivering outstanding customer service. We aim for excellence as a standard, continually seeking ways to improve our programmes. 

At CareShield we strive for excellence to ensure that all of our Learner and Employer needs are met and provide a service that can be relied upon.

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