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Myrus for Apprenticeships

Real time learner progress across your organisation

Part of CareShield's Apprenticeship Delivery and Management Service, your Myrus Apprenticeships Progress Platform  (MAPP) enables you to easily track, review and report

on your learner's progress in real-time, ensuring you are always up to date and in control of your investments in personal development across your entire organisation.

See in an instant the status of all Apprentices in each group then delve deeper into individual sites and learner progress.


MAPP gives you access to an individuals status, progress, planned and

completed activity along with their eLearning, OTJ hours

and ePortfolio.


The platform has been designed to meet all required apprentice delivery compliance standards.


Fulfil funding request requirements with direct access to evidence and progression reports.


MAPP ensures administration work can be completed digitally from anywhere with internet access.


In addition to helping you monitor your Apprenticeships, Myrus helps you monitor management and coaching performance and actively encourages and engages with your organisation to support your learner programmes.

For more information on Myrus Apprenticeships Progress Platform, or CareShield Apprenticeship Management and Delivery Services please contact our knowledgeable advisors.

The quality and level of support Solange received from CareShield as an apprentice had a real impact on her development.

If you would like to learn more about apprenticeships and apprenticeship management with CareShield click the button below.

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