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Workforce development in care

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Start your Care Apprenticeship journey with us and we will help you to ensure your team are supported throughout.

Apprenticeships in Care

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Career Development

Our Apprenticeships in Care programs (Levels 2 -5) provide a supportive environment for learning, application, and excellence. With eLearning, virtual classrooms, and hands-on experiences, we offer a well-rounded delivery approach.

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Why choose an Apprenticeship in Adult Health and Social Care?

Apprenticeships can be mutually beneficial for both the employer and staff. 


Apprenticeships in health and social care enable individuals to learn and earn a wage while making a real difference in people's lives. They offer the opportunity to gain new skills, knowledge, practical experience and a qualification regardless of whether they are entering the industry or already working at management level. This means companies like yours can nurture talent and create a more motivated and competent team by employing someone new or upskilling existing employees.

Benefits of Apprenticeships for Learners

Get paid to learn & gain hands on experience – Apprenticeships provide learning opportunities, experience, expert knowledge and support from experienced professionals, while earning an income.

Gain industry-recognised qualifications – An apprenticeship offers industry-recognised qualifications, validating the skills and knowledge you have acquired, and demonstrating value to future employers.

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Benefits of Apprenticeships for Employers

Improved productivity & staff retention – An apprenticeship program benefits staff by providing continuous support and the opportunity to apply their freshly learned skills and knowledge and progress at any stage in their career. Therefore, it increases staff retention and reduces turnover, as it created a happier and more motivated workforce. Similarly, entry-level apprenticeships are often the first full-time positions, fostering satisfaction and loyalty.

Promote diversity in your workforce – Apprenticeships are advantageous for candidates as it's open to everyone and offers diverse career options, creating a sense of belonging. Apprenticeships can also benefit you as an employer as it attracts candidates from diverse backgrounds, widening the talent pool.

Competent Carers and managers – Apprenticeships offer flexible learning opportunities and on-the-job training, which efficiently fills skills gaps in an organisation and ensures the learner is confident and competent in their role, regardless of their management level.

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Why Careshield?

We understand health and social care. For more than 15 years, we have supported the health and
social care market across the UK and overseas.

We deliver a broad range of learning. Our high-quality apprenticeships, face-to-face training, and
leadership cohorts complement support staff throughout their lifelong learning journey.


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